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Well Rounded Momma Doula

My wife and I hired Kathleen as our doula when we gave birth to our first son this past April. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We had some last minute issues and ended up changing doctors last minute, Kathleen was there every minute to support us by offering advice and connecting us to those who could answer the questions she couldn't.

I am forever grateful that she was in the delivery room with my wife and I as a calm reassuring presence. There were a few moments where I thought I couldn't handle things, but she was right there to support my wife. I have no doubt that we would surely hire her again in the future if and when we have another baby! 

Thad  2016

After interviewing quite a few doulas, I chose Kathleen and I'm so happy I did. This was my first child and first experience with a doula. Not knowing what to expect or just how much support I was going to get, Kathleen was there for me through the whole pregnancy. She was always there with a quick response to my texts/questions. When I went into labor, she was at the hospital even before I asked! I ended up going into early labor and my mom was not able to catch a flight until the following day. Needless to say, that made the experience a bit more stressful, just knowing my mom wouldn't be there to share in this special moment. However Kathleen was there to support me and dad throughout the labor. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Sarita 2016

Kathleen was an indispensable component of our delivery. We hired her relatively late in pregnancy after reading more about the kind of birth we wanted. Kathleen helped us have a vaginal birth with a 9 and a half pound baby. She also helped us find a doctor that better aligned with our vision of birth. Of course not everything went according to our preferences, but Kathleen was a calming supportive presence in the delivery room. I recommend that everyone hire a doula and we were lucky to have Kathleen!

Cheryl 2016

I was so skeptical about having a doula but I'm glad I went with Kathleen. She was a great support during pregnancy and labor. She made me feel comfortable texting her and asking questions any time. When I went into labor she was the first person there for me and made me feel so relaxed and also made my family feel more relaxed and at ease. She was so attentive and gave the perfect amount of support. When my homebirth ended up becoming a hospital birth Kathleen stayed with me and made sure that the hospital respected my birth plan. I was so grateful to her. She was thinking of everything for me when I couldn't think at all. She helped me get my daughter to latch for the very first time, stayed with me for a bit after delivery to make sure I was settled in and even now that my daughter is here and she has no real obligation to me she has checked on me at home and periodically texted me just to see how my daughter and I are doing. She loves what she does and she was the most valuable part of my birth team.

Jaclyn 2016

I am so thankful for Kathleen! She was so nice and supportive during our visits and labor and delivery and made it such a good experience. She helped to keep me relaxed and anything else I needed

Elizabeth 2016

Kathleen was our doula for my first labor and delivery.  I chose to get a doula in the first place to be a reassurance for my husband and I as we had this first experience.  Kathleen looked over our nursery, discussed birth plans,  massaged and encouraged during labor and helped begin breast feeding. She also did a follow up at our home after we got settled in.  Kathleen is a kind person who will give you as much hands on or hands off approach to delivery as needed.  I think she may have been as much of assistance to my husband as to myself during labor- which is a great thing! Neither of us became overwhelmed.  I recommend Kathleen for your reassurance, peace of mind and your assistant in this stressful and important time.
Thank you, Kathleen!

Kathryn 2017

We were new to Las Vegas, about to have our first child, and knew we wanted a doula! We were so happy to hire Kathleen through Well Rounded Momma. Kathleen was so much help throughout my pregnancy and would send me great resources for all of my questions. She always gave prompt responses and was by our side as soon as we needed her going into labor. Her sweet personality is so calming and was a natural at knowing exactly what to do to make me feel the most comfortable. We will most definitely hire her again for my next pregnancy!

Jenna 2017

Kathleen was my doula in February for the labor and delivery of my first child. She was awesome! I obviously didn't know what to expect and was ultimately blown away by her support throughout my pregnancy and then of course during my labor as well. She was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable approaching her with questions leading up to the birth at our in-person visits, or via texts and phone calls. When I decided I'd had enough of my doctor, she was instrumental in helping me secure an appointment with a new OB-GYN in my 38th week of pregnancy (and my new doc was wonderful, so I am very grateful)! During my long labor she was essential in helping my labor progress (which required getting my posterior baby into the right position) by guiding me through targeted exercises and suggesting certain positions for laboring through contractions (which she then supported me through both physically and emotionally). Many of my friends and family were unfamiliar with the benefits of having a doula (as was I) before I hired Kathleen but now I definitely share my experience with them because I can't imagine going through pregnancy and labor without an amazing doula like Kathleen! If you are questioning whether the cost of a doula is worth it when you are overwhelmed by paying for other baby-related expenses, the answer is yes, you won't regret investing in the support of a doula and you surely won't regret choosing Kathleen!

Chelsea 2018

I cannot say enough great things about Kathleen. I wanted to hire a doula to help me in pursuing an unmedicated birth. I was immediately drawn to Kathleen because of her calm demeanor and genuineness. I knew that both my husband and I would respond well to these traits, especially during what would surely be one of the most emotional experiences of our lives. To say my labor and delivery did not go as planned would be an understatement. But Kathleen was there guiding us and literally holding my hand through it all. My daughter ended up getting stuck in the birth canal and Kathleen was there to support us when we had to make the difficult and emotional decision to have a cesarean, after having labored and pushed all day. Because my daughter was born prematurely, after the cesarean, my husband needed to go with our daughter to the NICU. Kathleen was waiting in my room  post surgery and stayed with me so that I wouldn't be alone, while I recovered and processed everything that had happened that day. She went above and beyond to make sure we were ok, not only that day but also in the following weeks. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and am so grateful she was there for us during the birth of our daughter. 

Sarah 2018

Kathleen is absolutely amazing! This is my second delivery so I was on the fence in terms of whether I need a doula but I am so glad we hired Kathleen! She lisened to my challenges of the first birth and did research and talked to other resources to help me better prepare for my labor this time. She also taught me exercise and taught my husband how to help me with my pain when labor comes.  We are so much lay back with the second one, and sometimes forget to update her on my status and Kathleen always follow up and check in with me. My water broke and we went to the hospital. I was planning to call Kathleen to come after everything is setttled and she showed up in our room at the time I was about to contract her. She is just always that proactive and caring. Every time I had contractions at the hospital, without me have to ask, she is right behind me to help me release the pain. She also do squa with me to help the baby drop more, and I only had to push four times to get him out! Kathleen even brought Lactation cookie during her postpartum visit which was much needed due to my low milk supply.  if you are looking for a doula, I think you will be very happy with her. She is proactive, diligent and most importantly just a great person! My husband definitely enjoyed the stress free labor experience for him too :-)

Jenny Yu 2018

The fact the wife and I were first time parents, it's obvious we had a lot of conerns and questions.  Kathleen made herself available for our calls leading up to (and after) the labor, even coming to the house to familiarize herself.  When labor started we called Kathleen and she was at our house very quickly.  Kathleen literally anticipated the majority of mine and my wife's wants and needs.  During labor she was always there ready with a drink & straw to rehydrate my wife when she needed it. Kathleen also helped fill up the birthing tub, take excellent pictures/video of our experience, helped clean before, during, and after the birth, and also came back the next day to cut up the placenta and prepare it for future smoothies.  Every conversation with Kathleen resulted in helpful and useful knowledge and advice in the form of answers/resources/websites. Kathleen was a positive addition to our team and worked with the Midwife and her apprentice in harmony.  All of these factors resulted in a successful and fear free homebirth, and we definitely hold a special place in our hearts for Kathleen. 

Alex 2018

My husband and I had hired a different doula but when birth day came, she was tied up at another birth. We ended up meeting and using Kathleen - who stepped in as her back up at a moment’s notice. I was hesitant at first - having someone I’ve never even met before come to help me through my natural childbirth (my first baby). However, it ended up being such a blessing in disguise. During my 12 hour all natural labor, the emotional support that Kathleen offered was so important. She helped both my husband and I with labor positions and pain-relieving techniques, but the most valuable part was her calming presence and just her ability to help me through the most agonizing (and rewarding) event of my life. She didn’t leave my side the entire time, allowed me to hold her hands, continuously reminded me to breathe, applied pressure in all the right places, and reminded me that it will be okay and that I can do this. I truly cannot imagine having not had her there. I think my husband and I would have been a panicked mess without her and also the birth of our sweet boy may have turned out very differently. I strongly recommend her as a doula. Thank you again Kathleen. By some crazy twist of fate, we were able to have you as our doula during labor, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Krista 2019

We feel very blessed. Our baby daughter came into the world safely and is a happy healthy child. Kathleen was recommended to us via our midwife. We are so glad we took that advise. From our very first meeting at a cafe it was crystal clear...Kathleen was a very caring,  competent, punctual and kind individual. My wife and I were both delighted at her calm demeanor and yet vigilant to our needs. She has the experience to structure her visits to cover specific topics prior to birth, yet flexible enough to hear and act in what a mother wants or needs right now. As expected, Kathleen was perfectly on time at the hospital; knew how to manage interactions with nurses; as a trained professional she was confident with moving monitoring electronics  and iv hookups when my wife needed to use the bathrooms. Most importantly, she engages without being asked. She knows what needs to be done and then just does it. We are grateful for Kathleen’s help and kindness. To top it all, post delivery, she showed up at our home with a huge home cooked lasagna and a happy heart. That made our day! Thank you Kathleen. God bless you. 

Clara and Jay 2019

Kathleen is the consummate professional and exactly what we were looking for. She provided excellent guidance throughout my pregnancy and helped us navigate issues with my OB and birth preferences. She connected us to the right people when we needed it which proved to be invaluable when it came time for labor. During labor, Kathleen was calm, caring and in control of the space which allowed my husband and me to relax. We are lucky she was part of our birth experience! 

Whitney 2020

Kathleen is one of the most caring people I have ever met. Giving birth at the height of a pandemic is beyond nerve-wracking and Kathleen truly went above and beyond. She was with me through one of the scariest and joyous moments of my life. When an emergency situation happened at during my delivery at the hospital, she was so incredibly calm and helpful calling my husband to update him on the situation. Even before while my labor was progressing and then stalling, she knew exactly what to do to try and naturally get it restarted. After the delivery when it was just me and the baby in the hospital becuase of COVID-19 restrictions, Kathleen visited and helped! She is so knowledgable about all of the weird things that happen to your body during pregnancy and postpartum. Thankful doesn't event begin to cover how much Kathleen did for me and the baby. I would 200% recommend her to everyone and hire her again!

Julia 2020

My husband and I cannot imagine how we could’ve given birth without Kathleen!  She is incredibly calming, patient and kind.  She is exactly what you want for a doula! Kathleen was the doula for my first pregnancy, during a global pandemic!! Needless to say I was nervous and had so many questions!  Kathleen was so patient the whole time and so caring, she listened to my concerns and made my 21 hour birth feel full of support, confidence and love. 

Ashley 2020

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