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9 Months With Diana Grace

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Look Who's Stepping Now

You know, Diana and her big brother Allan, are different in so many ways. But at the same time, they share so many personality and physicality traits! They both have beautiful skin (minus the eczema spots) these kiddos will never have to worry about peeling sunburns like their momma! They both have a great scene of humor, it's so easy to get them to let out a big belly laugh! They are also different, like Diana being a really good eater! This sweet girl will eat anything you put in front of her, like for real! While, Allan usually looks at food like for sure it's been poised.

One thing that is dead on the same with these cuties, is the day they took their first real steps! Yes, exactly 10 days before Allan turned 10 months old he took his first steps. The same goes for Diana. 10 days before she turned 10 months old, little miss went stepping after my wine glass! She is definitely my daughter! What a way to end her 9 month journey.

A Snowy Trip To The Cabin

So, after socially distancing for pretty much all of Mach, my little family was so ready to get out of town and take a deep breath in the wide open air. How lucky are we that my parents own a cabin in Duck Creek Utah. Man are we blessed! My whole family including my parents, sister and her twin boys all took the 3 hour road trip to our own little slice of wilderness of in the woods.

It was Diana's first time in the snow, and I have to tell you I had so much fun dressing her up like a squishy marshmallow! The boys all played on the sled and in the snow filled playground and we took daily walks in the crisp clean air. We celebrated every morning with a glass of champaign on the porch and watched the song birds in the pine trees. It was just the escape from COVID-19 reality that we needed.

5 Years Married 13 Years Together

There was no candle lit dinner or dressing up. There were no gifts or babysitters available. There was no time to watch a movie together or going out. There were pastries and a bit of champagne for breakfast. There were games with the kiddos and an afternoon nap on the couch. We looked through our wedding pictures and had takeout sushi for dinner. Happy anniversary babe! 5 years married and 13 years together! Of all the people to go through a pandemic with I would pick you every time!

You know, people always ask me, “So, how did you and Ryan meet anyway”?

“Oh man that’s a story I say” with a slight eye roll and a smile. “I gave him a ride home. A ride that was strategically forced upon me!”

Yep that’s how this whole thing started! ⠀

Ryan and I were both working the closing shift at Express. After the last shirt was folded, all our coworkers were talking for a few minutes before we headed out for the night. When Ryan said he needed a ride home, without missing a beat everyone looked at me! Like, what in the world? I had only been working at the store for two weeks. ⠀

“Ummm I guess I can do it” I said. “Great thanks” Ryan replied wearing a big grin. Little did I know, Ryan had orchestrated this whole thing, telling everyone else not to volunteer so I was the only one willing to give him a ride home! And the rest is history! Well our history. Here's to another 13 years my love!

How's Momma Doing

This COVID-19 stuff sure has me feeling thankful for all the wonderful family and friends we have in our life. I'm thankful for all my doula clients staying strong and positive through this stressful time! If you want to hear about my experience in the hospital with one of my doula clients during COVID-19 check it out here. But, I'm sure like many of you, I am starting to get pretty antsy for our life to continue. We can't push the pause button for much longer.

Some of My Favorite Things

We have taken quite a few road trips with Allan by now and keeping him busy in the back seat can be a challenge. But one of his favorite activities are these on the go color blast no-mess coloring pad. He loves the dinosaur one the best, he's had about 4 of them at this point, but there are other super cute ones too!

I bought Dina her first water bottle! She was always taking Allan's and she was doing so well sipping from a straw that I got her, her very own big girl cup and she had been loving it! I decided on the Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup I am loving the weighted straw so she doesn't have any problems sipping the water.

Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients cook book. If you're like me then you have been working with few ingredients than you normally would now a days. Well, in steps this cook book! I've been loving it for dinner ideas and have made some really tasty stuff like sizzling seared scallops with potato and pea mash. Seriously one of our new favorites!

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