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10 Months with Diana Grace

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Diana Growing Up too Fast

This little munchkin sure is rocking and rolling now! I swear as soon as she took her first step she stopped crawling all together. I mean who wouldn't get up and walk for a chocolate doughnut! She also decided that this month would be a good one to start climbing. No pillow fort or glass of water is safe from her ever-expanding grasp!

My Birthday I'm 33!

It was sushi time! Yep, Ryan and I dropped the kids off at Lola's house and ventured out into a restaurant to have some sushi! It was the first time we had been to a restaurant since the pandemic and man let me tell you, it was so nice to sit and pretend things were normal for an hour and a half. The sushi and beer tasted amazing too. So, is 33 considered mid 30’s? If so, I guess I'm part of the club now. Honestly, I don't think I could ask for much more then what I already have, my family! Also, Diana clapped her hands for the first time on my birthday! I don't think I could have asked for a better gift!

Days at the Park

Let's go fly a kite! I love our mornings at the park. Usually I pack up breakfast, egg sandwiches, strawberries, waffle sticks or apple sauce cups, lay out our park blanket in the shade and watch the kiddos run around. Most days it's just me and the kids but on weekends Ryan comes with us! Allan's kite was a spontaneous buy from Whole Foods and man was it worth the $16.95! He loves running to get the kite into the air, and I'm like, "Yes, keep running! Run all that energy out go, go, go!" As we head into June, I know the days are only going to get hotter here in Vegas so we are taking advantage of all the outdoor time we can, while we can!

Some of My Favorite Things

Baby Bling Bows Diana has been wearing these sweet bows since day one. I love the soft stretchy fabric and the assortment of colors and prints that they offer is amazing! I first got wind of these bows from an adorable locally owned kids shop here in Vegas, Lovebug Baby and Kids. I've been shopping there since before Diana was even a dream. Definitely check them out. I may or may not have bought a new bow while I was adding the link to this post. Just kidding, I totally bought a new one!

JaxHoo Moccasins So, these little shoes are absolutely wonderful! They are made from leather, the sole is super thin to help promote good foot development, they form to your little's feet and become softer over time. I must say, I have some pretty amazing doula clients because one of them gave these to Diana as a gift when she was born and man have we been putting them to use lately with Diana walking around like a champ! Unfortunately, they can be pretty hard to snag since she only sells them on her FB page, but if you're quick enough you can get a pare!

Dutch Bros Coffee Oh man, I've been a bit of a coffee snob for years now. Before kids I loved driving around the city to my favorite coffee shops, sitting down with a friend or a book sipping on a late with a pastry. Now post kids, I usually find myself going to the Starbucks drive through more out of necessity than pleasure. So, I was pretty excited when my husband turned me onto Dutch Bros. It's a little less expensive than Starbucks and a very large menu! They can be found all over the West Coast so check them out if you live on my side of the U.S.

How's Momma Doing?

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm now 33 years old guys! You know, last year I had a doula client have her baby on my birthday! It's pretty cool to have a birthday twin! This year I had another doula client come pretty close, only 2 days before. Seeing these sweet babies enter this world always gives me hope. That's what children do, they give us hope. Hope that a better world is within their reach. Hope that we can hold on to all the good the world has in it right now. Hope that they will continue to be the bright spot in all the darkness. I'm so thankful for what I do.


I want you to think of me as your virtual doula! Drop me a line here if you have any questions. Or if you want to stay in the loop and never miss another blog post, just click here. Come on you know you want to!


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