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8 Months with Diana Grace

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Diana Our Little Cruiser:

Wow, what a difference a month makes people! Our sweet girl is cruising all over our condo now. She pulls herself up on anything that is standing still and she sure gives her walker a work out, pushing it back and forth around the living room. She popped two top teeth and they have just started to come down giving her quite the lopsided smile. She crawls on all four now and moves quick as a flash from one room to another. She is loving blackberries right now and has stains all over her clothes to prove it. Still no words yet but she sure can babble with the best of them! She pulls herself up to stand and will let go and stand on her own for 2-4 seconds. “Look mom no hands!”

COVID-19 and Quarantine Life:

Oh March, what can I say, the first half was business as usual and then everything changed. Allan went from a park loving, preschool kid to a home school kid that gets his exercise by running around the coffee table a million times a day. I went from a doula attending births in the hospital a few times a month to a virtual doula holding prenatal appointment over Zoom or Facetime. Ryan still goes to work every day, thank goodness, only now I feel like I’m sending this guy off to war or something when he leaves the condo every morning. Little Diana, one day Ryan and I will tell you how when you were just a baby this crazy thing happened, the whole world was scared of an invisible monster and we had to hide inside our homes to be safe from it. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but man, sometimes it sure feels that way.

On the flip side, there have actually been some really positive things going on with are family during quarantine. We have all learned to slow down, heck we are never in a hurry because there’s nowhere to hurry to! We take pleasures in the small everyday things, like family walks and playing a board game every night. Getting doughnuts on the weekend and eating them on a blanket in the park, while Diana and I watch Ryan and Allan kick a ball round on the grass. Turning the music up and having a family dance party. We still have so much to be thankful for our health being the first and foremost.

How’s Momma Doing:

Honestly, I take a lot of comfort from our daily routine. It’s so easy to get complacent and let Allan watch TV all day while Diana crawls around in a diaper or a onesie with strawberry juice all over it and I’m over here sitting on the couch looking aimlessly at my phone, it’s not like anybody is going to see us, right? But let me tell you, I do a really marvelous job at beating myself up if I feel as though I have accomplished nothing that day. So here is how our quarantine days normally go. We wake up, I make coffee and breakfast, Ryan leaves for work and I play with kids till about 9:30am that’s when Diana takes her first nap. Allan and I do his school work and then he gets some time on his kindle while I do some work on the computer. Diana wakes up, and the kindle gets put away. The kids play on their own while I do house chores like laundry of cleaning the bathrooms or whatever. We eat lunch, Diana takes her second nap and Allan takes his nap too. Now, I have the condo to myself and I either take the time to write or work on my doula business or I take the time to myself and watch an episode of Outlander. Kids wake up have a snack while I start dinner. Ryan comes home and takes a shower, we eat dinner, Diana goes to sleep for the night and the three of us watch a show before we had to bed ourselves. It’s totally fine to have a few pajama days where we spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing but I have to tell you, I always feel like a better mom when I stick to our routine.

Some of My Favorite Things:

MAM Pacifiers! Big brother Allan was a thumb sucker, he sucked his thumb whenever he slept for the first two years! But little miss sure loves her pacifier! We have been using MAM since the beginning. I tried a few other brands but she likes these the best! Her favorite game is to put her pacifier in my mouth and take it out and put it in her mouth over and over again just laughing hysterically the whole time!

Shine a Light Books! If you have never seen these, now is a good time to pick one up or order via Wi-Fi since no one is going to a Barns and Nobel any time soon! We have 4 since Allan loves them so much, they are interactive and actually a really great learning tool since we are all homeschooling these days!

If you fallow me on Instagram you probably know I recently stopped breastfeeding and switched Diana to formula. I have been giving her Baby’s Only Organic. It’s made from pea protein. Big brother Allan has a pretty severe dairy allergy so for now I’m keeping Diana dairy free too. So far so good she really seems to love it.

What’s Next:

April is here and we are living our best quarantine life! One day at a time lovelies, all this will end soon and we will find ourselves on the other side able to take a deep breath and say to one another "see we made it through together".


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