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Diana's 1st Birthday Party

I had a hard time thinking of a theme for Diana's birthday and an even harder time figuring out where we would have her party. Our sassy girl was born right in the middle of the Las Vegas summer on July 8th. So, the heat was definitely a concern, especially when it was predicted to be 112 degrees that day! Along with the heat the COVID-19 shutdown was making it impossible to find an indoor venue. Finally, I stetted on one of our favorite parks that has a great splash pad, is surrounded by grass and higher up in valley so it's much cooler. After, falling down the party decoration Amazon rabbit whole, I was excited to land of a summer theme for Diana. It became even more fun when my sister in-law Vanessa hopped on the party train with me and bought many of the decorations herself.

My original idea was to have an afternoon BBQ but my husband, Ryan, talked me out of that and convinced me to move it to the morning in order to beat the heat. So, breakfast it was! For food we served Pastries, yogurt with strawberries, doughnuts, fresh pineapple, watermelon, juice and water. And, because my mom is awesome, there were also some cans of rose in the ice chest too! Hey, after setting everything up I was definitely ready for a drink!

I had way too much fun browsing Amazon for all the Summer themed party decoration! We asked our friends and family to get up extra early so we could beat the Vegas heat! My sister in-law Vanessa, and I rolled in at 7am to set up for our 9am party. I think it turned out pretty cute. Don't you?

I sat on our living room floor, with a glass of wine and Twilight playing on the TV the night before Diana's part, and blew up 75 balloons to make her balloon garland. I found the lime green buckets with a matching shovel on the $1 self at Target and snatched them up to use as party favors for the kiddos. I filled them with pink and blue cotton candy, bubble wands, kettle corn and a blowup beach ball.

If your birthday is on July 8th you party at the splash pad! I have to admit, even I was tempted to run through the water!

Ryan and I are so blessed to have both of our families so close to us. I especially love all the free babysitting options!

I'm so lucky to have these wonder ladies in my life! I was lucky enough to serve as their doula as they welcomed their sweet babies into this world. I Love all these amazing families so much!

Some seriously adorable pictures of the birthday girl and my mother in-law Diana's Lola.

My sister in-law Vanessa, always makes every party more fun! Thank you so much for helping me set up all the decoration!

I was so excited to find a watermelon piñata at Target! Allan stuffed the whole thing by himself! Actually, I had to bribe him with his choice of 3 pieces of candy to do it but hey, in the end the piñata was stuffed, right?

The cake smash is one of the best things about a 1st birthday! I made Diana a little chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. It's my absolute favorite chocolate cake guys! I made this same cake while I was in labor with Diana and getting ready for my home birth. Yep, we celebrated a few hours after Diana was born with a glass of pink champagne and a slice of chocolate cake. I shared my chocolate cake recipe on my blog, check it out here. Yummy, yum! Diana's Chocolate Birthday Cake

I know I will look back at this blog post years from now and wonder, where did the time go? My family is so blessed to be surrounded such wonderful people.


I want you to think of me as your virtual doula! Drop me a line here if you have any questions. Or if you want to stay in the loop and never miss another blog post, just click here. Come on you know you want to!


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