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My 5 Must Have Items for Perineum Care After Childbirth

Updated: May 13, 2020

As a doula, one of the top questions I get asked over and over again is, "What if I tear when I'm pushing?" The first thing you should know is how are perineum tears are classified.

How are Tears Classified?

"Spontaneous tears can be classified as: first, second, third, or fourth degree tears. First degree tears involve only the perineal skin, while second degree tears involve both the skin and the perineal muscle. Third degree tears involve the anal sphincter, while fourth degree tears involve the anal sphincter and tissues. Third and fourth degree tears happen at 0.25% to 2.5% of spontaneous vaginal births" (Rebecca Dekker). Whew! Now that we got that out of the way, just how common is tearing, you ask?

Tearing during childbirth is a very common occurrence for women who have a vaginal birth.

"Studies show (where the use of episiotomies was restricted) that the rate of spontaneous tearing is recorded to be anywhere from 44 to 79 percent. Studies have also consistently shown, that women are more likely to experience tearing during a first vaginal birth and if they have forceps or vacuum assistance" (Rebecca Dekker).

Keep in mind that only 0.25% to 2.5% of those tears are third to forth degree. So, let's take me as an example shall we! During my first birth, with my son Allan, I had a third degree tear that required stitches. However, during my second birth, with my daughter Diana, I only had a few small abrasions that did not need any stitching. Nice right!

What's the Bottom (pun intended) Line?

There is a chance that you will tear during childbirth, especially if you are a first time mom! So what are some products you can buy to prepare for the healing you little perineum may need? Here are my top 5 products!


First off depends! Now I know these babies don't offer any healing benefits but they are super helpful when I comes to holding the actual healing products against your perineum. Oh man, do I wish I had these the first time around! Just think, your baby gets to wear a diaper and so do you!

Peri Bottle

This simple little tool will save you from that burning pain you feel while you are peeing! Yep, if you have a tear and you sit down to pee then it is most likely going to burn. You also want to avoid wiping the aria if you have stitches or any small abrasions so it can heal properly. Now, you will probably get a peri bottle from the hospital or your midwife but if you want to check some out here are a few good options for you! 3 of the best peri bottles

Perineal Spray

All I can say is Awwww. When I gave my lady parts a nice cooling spray it felt like haven. Well maybe is was a bit of a blooding mess too but you get what I mean. It felt super nice to have that cooling mist down there! One of my favorites is Earth Mama Organics perineal spray.

Tucks Pads

Oh man I love these things, simple and super effective! Just line the bottom of your depends with a few of these babies and you will be on your way to recovery! Tucks pads are saturated with witch hazel, which helps to sooth and protect irritated areas, it's also anti-inflammatory. Tucks pads

Sitz Bath

I highly recommend a sitz bath for women that have had a more serious tear. How can you not enjoy having a few healing and soothing herbs in a warm bath during postpartum? Just think of yourself as a tea bag while you give yourself a nice soak and let those lady parts heal. My favorite is, Earth Mama Organics herbal sits bath.

Alright, all you new mommas, I hope these suggestion help with any postpartum healing you may have to do! For more ideas Frida Mom and Earth Mama Organics have excellent products for postpartum!

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