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7 Months with Diana Grace

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Our Growing Baby Girl:

Wow! If January felt like a whole year then February felt like it flashed by in about a week! My 7 month old baby doll is sitting up now. She gets so proud of herself whenever she does it laughing and showing off those two bottom teeth! She is also pulling herself up to stand. She’s not quite cruising yet but I’m sure she will have that down any day now! She’s also starting to form words; well she’s definitely using her Ms saying “mma mma mma” and her Bs “ba ba ba” oh my goodness, I may die if her first real word is mamma!

Valentine’s Day Festivities

This holiday has never been one of my favorites. For whatever reason I’m always left feeling a little disappointed, Ryan has never been much of a romantic. But this year it was pretty great! Allan had his first school party where every one got to hand out treats and cards. I helped him cut out 20 paper hearts which he then covered in dinosaur stickers of course. He was so excited to show me all the cards and gifts he received in class! I think he’s still hanging on to a few cards, so sweet!

As for me and Ryan we got our condo almost to ourselves for the night. Allan slept over at his Lola’s (grandma) house and Diana was asleep by 6:30pm that night. So, what did we do? We ordered pizza and garlic knots, shared a bottle of pinot noir and watched “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” on Netflix! I know crazy right! But for a mom and dad that never get to eat cheese because their son is allergic or watch anything other than a cartoon is was pretty magical.

The next day Ryan and I went out for breakfast with Diana. We’ve never been anywhere with just the three of us so this was pretty special and little miss did great at the restaurant, if I do say so myself. We left with hardly any food on the floor lol. We picked Allan up and spent the rest of the day as a family. Leisurely days are too far in between for us and it was so nice to simply enjoy the beautiful weather at Town Square and watch Allan play in the kid zone and eat some ice cream. Pretty much the perfect day for me!

What’s New:

Sleep training for Allan has continued to be challenging. Some days he does great and others not so good but Ryan and I are determined to be consistent with him and give him the encouragement he needs to feel confident in sleeping independently. Our month was filled with play dates at the park, a 2 year old’s birthday party and of course my doula clients.

Some of My Favorite Things:

I’ve recommended her on my Instagram before but I’m loving Janet Lansbury's podcast Unruffled! She teaches respectful parenting. Give her a listen if you haven’t already.

For all you local Las Vegas peeps check out Mommy 'n Me to Be. It’s a local previously used kids and maternity store. Bring in your kids gently used clothing and get something that’s new to you! I’ve found some real gems for Diana.

The Erduo baby carrier. I bought this second hand for Ryan for Valentine’s Day so he could have a carrier he loves to use! We ditched the hip support thing, that honestly just looked like a giant fanny pack, and now He loves carrying Diana around in it! She always has a big smile too since she faces out and can see everything.

How’s Momma Doing:

I’m getting really excited for our upcoming family trip to Texas! This one has been in the books for months and Ryan and I are super excited to take Allan on a plane! This will be Allan’s third time on a plane but now he’s old enough to really get it. I’m taking some advice from Janet and I’ll bring a few small toys for Allan to unwrap while we fly, to help keep him busy. Can’t wait for this next family adventure!

What’s Next:

We’re looking forward to March adventures and Allan’s big birthday! He will be 4 this March 17th. Yep, he’s a St. Patrick’s Day baby and born the on the same day as my mom. How cool is that! We will be celebrating his dinosaur themed birthday in Texas surrounded by family. I can’t wait to share it all with you!


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